About Snap-it Quick Edge

Snap-it™ is a landscape edge and border system for  use by professional lanscapers, the home handyman and the D.I.Y user. The product was created and designed by FBT Industries Ltd who recognized the need for a border system that was both economical and easy to use. In August 2011 Calvert Plastics Ltd took over the distribution rights for the  Snap-it™ product range worldwide.

This professional system is a sacrificial edging mould which guides settable concrete and mortar mediums which may enclose reinforcing steel for added strength.

These products are revolutionary to the industry. Snap-it™ is available now in a store near you! For more information about us or any of our product systems, please send us an email to: sales@snap-it.co.nz.

About Calvert Plastics Ltd.

Calvert Plastics Ltd  is a New Zealand based company  that was formed in 1959. We specialize in thermoforming plastic sheet into products or components using moulds and processing equipment as well as fabricating rigid plastic sheet.

Our core business philosophy is value based. We pride ourselves on being a company that is easy to deal with. We strongly believe in providing innovative solutions, building relationships and being achievement focused. We have built long term relationships with our customers, many of them have been with us for over 25 years.

Calvert Plastics Ltd has been involved with the Snap-it™ range of products since it’s inception. We worked closely with FBT Industries to manufacture a product that is innovative, high quality and simple to use.



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Calvert Plastics Ltd
P.O Box 37022
Stokes Valley
Lower Hutt
New Zealand


International: +64 4 567 7877

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International Mail

New South Wales and Queensland
31 Mavis Street
Reevesby NSW 2212


Victoria, South Australia. W.A and N.T
31 – 33 Gatwick Road
Bayswater North VIC 3153


International: +61 300 78 74 78


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